boring javascript

Boring JavaScript

Immerse yourself in some soothing videos on different JavaScript topics guaranteed not only to teach you something about JavaScript, but also to cure that insomnia. With topics varying widely, from simple 'for' loops to how to use localStorage, you are sure to find something interesting and sleep-inducing.

TheVirtuoid's Blog

TheVirtuoid's Blog

No interest in watching videos? Would you rather read about it instead? Then head on over to TheVirtuoid's Blog where you can find a post on each video, some other interesting tidbits, and various musings about myself and the JavaScript world.

GitHub Repositories

Everything we do - from the Boring JavaScript videos to our Live Projects are available and FREE for your use. We encourage you to visit our public GitHub repositories and learn on what we are working. You'll find something useful for your work - and you can even contribute to the education of others!


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